NEWS - 2017

December 20th, 2017
Evership Video Release - Making Of - The Choir Sessions!
Evership has released another in the "Making Of" series videos. This one chronicles the live choir recording sessions for the Evership debut album with the Heimermann Chorale of Nashville. Shane layered multiple takes to get the grand sound on the album, along with the natural cathedral ambience. No samples here! Check it out! Please leave comments!

December 8th, 2017
Evership Live Streams Acoustic Set on House of Prog Radio!
Evership does a live stream of acoustic interpretations of their music on the Prog Coffee House on House of Prog Radio. If you missed it, look for the link soon to be posted!

October 15th, 2017
Evership to play ProgStock 2017!
Evership is to play ProgStock in New Jersey, October 2018 (Day TBA)! Be sure to keep an eye out and get your tickets!

September 28th, 2017
Evership Releases "A Slow Descent Into Reality" Official Lyric Video!
Evership releases "A Slow Descent Into Reality" Lyric Video, with live footage from ROSFest 2017! Directed by Christian Rios and Lyric Editing by Micah Atkinson. Check it out! Please leave comments!

August 10th, 2017
Evership on PowerProg USA CD!
We are pleased to announce that Evership will be part of the 2017 PowerProg USA compilation CD! Prog-metal listeners, enjoy "Silver Light". Maybe we'll see you next year at the PowerProg USA festival!

August 1st, 2017
Evership Video Release - Making Of - Flying Machine!
Evership has released the first in a few "Making Of" videos. This first one chronicles how we created the vintage "scratchy record" needle-drop sound at the beginning of Flying Machine-Part 1: Dreamcarriers. No cheats or plugins here, as you'll discover. Check it out! Please leave comments!

July 23th, 2017
Evership in the top 20 on KCBX Radio, California!
Californa's KCBX Radio "Beyond the Fringe" show reports that Evership was ranked in the listeners top 20 in the month of June. Thank you Sal and Cali listeners!

June 25th, 2017
Evership on The Prog Report!
Very nice review and photography of RoSFest 2017 from Joel Barrios on The Prog Report! Joel, you are the man! Check it out here!

June 22nd, 2017
Evership Proglodytes RoSFest Review!
First review of the RosFest 2017 show in Gettisburg, PA in May. Jared had an incredible time and shares his review of the festival here!

May 29th, 2017
Memorial Day Release of the Evership Double-LP!
Atkinsong Productions releases the long-awaited Evership Double-LP! This beautiful audiophile 180g gatefold vinyl release is a must have for wax-lovers! Available only at the new Evership online store!

May 23th, 2017
House of Prog Spins First Pre-release Evership Debut Vinyl
House of Prog Radio's Mad Platter spins a historic pre-release vinyl of the Evership Debut for listeners of Tuesday's "Dinner Show" radio show! Vinyl should be available to the publics any day now!

May 15th, 2017
Evership interviewed and reviewed in Highlands Magazine! (French)
Wonderful three-page spread with pics, interview and review of Evership for the March 2017 French progressive rock print magazine Highlands Magazine. Je vous remercie, Didier Gonzalez and team!

May 13th, 2017
Evership reviewed in German Rock Magazine Empire Music! (German)
Fantastic review of the Evership debut by Martin Dambeck in the Febuary 2017 German print magazine Empire Music (with Ayreon on the cover). Excellent! Vielen Dank, Martin.

May 7th, 2017
Evership Performs at RoSfest 2017!
On May 7th Evership performed to a packed house at the Majestic Theater in Gettysburg, PA for the Rite of Spring Festival! It was a magic time with a wonderful crowd of prog lovers! Thank you RosFest for a warm reception of this new and steadily-climbing rock band!

April 25th, 2017
New in-depth Evership album review on
A fantastic in-depth review of the Evership debut on This time by the "Cross-Over" team. Very interesting and well-written. Thank you, Thomas Szirmay! Check it out here.

April 22th, 2017
Evership Vinyl Release delayed due to production issues
One day the story will be told of the Tale of the Impossibe Vinyl Production Project; record plant bankruptcies, plates held hostage, dissapearing record-plant employees, broken plates, multiple corrupted tests pressings, exploding test equipment, and on it goes. Hence, the Evership double-LP did not make Record Store Day. We hope it will be available at RosFest 2017! It will be worth the wait, we assure you!

April 21th, 2017
Evership Interview on 'The Waiting Room' Radio Show
Another Evership RosFest pre-show interview on 'The Waiting Room' with The Prog Doctor on House of Prog radio (6-8pm EST).

April 14th, 2017
Evership RosFest pre-show Special Interview on House of Prog Radio
Evership RosFest pre-show interview on 'Prog at 33 1/3' with Nick Katona on House of Prog radio (4-8pm EST).

March 10th, 2017 Reviews Evership
Great review of the Evership Debut on by Steven Reid. Shane says, "Some people just get it." Check it out here!

Feb 18th, 2017 Reviews Evership (Brazil)
The Brazilian progressive rock site gives a thoughtful review of the Evership debut album. Check it out here (Search for "Evership".)

Feb 5th, 2017
Evership Live Interview on 90.3 WMSC - The Prog Power Station
On Febuary 5th 90.3 WMSC, The Prog Power Station, published a live interview of Beau West and Shane Atkinson of Evership. Check it out here!

Feb 4th, 2017
Evership - First Live Performance!
On Febuary 4th Evership played Main Street Music near Nashville to 150 awesome fans. District 97 rocked out the remainder of the night. It was a great night of Prog in Tennessee!

Feb 2th, 2017 Reviews Evership (Czech Republic)
Touching review from our freinds in Czech Republic! Check it out here

January 18th, 2017
The ProgArchive Reviews Keep Coming!
New reviews continue to arise on ProgArchives! Check them out here and here. Evership thanks reviewers Mohaveman and FragileKings!

January 16th, 2017
Dutch Prog Site ProgVisions Reviews the Evership Debut (Dutch)
ProgVisions takes a listen to the Evership debut album. Here is what they have to say. Thank you, Douwe Fledderus!

January 17th, 2017
Greek Rock Site Gives Evership Review (Greek)
What do Greek Rockers listen to? Apparently, some Evership! Greek Evershipnauts check out the review here!

January 13st, 2017
Excellent review from the Netherlands ProgWereld! (Dutch)
New Evership debut review by the Netherlands ezine ProgWereld by Dick van der Heijde. Dank je, Dick!

January 1st, 2017
Evership Rated Top 10 Prog Albums of 2016!
ProgArchives and at least seven other prominent radio stations (US and UK), online magazines and music blogs have rated the Evership debut album in the Top 10 in 2016! Thank you all for a wonderful welcome into the music market place! Happy New Year!