Song Lyrics


We’re finally here
The hope of the years
The silver gate drips liquid sun
Sometime in Yettocome

All emerald and gold
All purple and rose
Even the shadows soft with light
Can here ever be night
We stand in awe

Its fairer than the dreams of angels here
The towering grandeur
Makes it very clear
We’ve stepped into a realm
From where it seems
That wonders first appear

The people sublime, enchanting and kind
Of such this prince has never seen
Yet something beckons me

They're all hand in hand
No lines in the sand
A single song they seem to sing
A joyous welcoming
And now the King Lookingahead

Each day we’re offered
Splendors to behold
Each day more breathless
Than before unfolds
The palace grand concedes
We’ve met the fullness of our senses
Til daughters of the King
Are presented

Imagination and Fancy
Beguiling my reality
What reach of beauty I embraced
Is shattered by their faery grace

Beyond enchantment, what we see
They draw from us the Whatcouldbe
And take us to the very heart of All

For every street and stream
That’s winding here
Flows toward the center
Draws my ear

The chorus of the multitudes in cheer
We’re swept into the vast and mighty square
The sound of horns, praise in the air