Song Lyrics


Messanger from Daybyday:
The King Is dead

I didn’t get to that question to ask
that was on my mind

I didn’t tell you that one thing I said
that was so unkind

I didn’t tell you how much more
your being there meant to me

I didn’t tell you that fear just to hear
that I’d be ok

Thought I was ready
But now I’m unsteady about
Who I am and where I stand
But now I’ve lost the time

You didn’t finish the venture
You wished you’d had time to do

You haven’t shared with me new life
That comes by a woman true

You didn’t tell me the stories you said
You would share one day

You didn’t show me the path through these
Trials to find my way

Now that I’m older I'm shoulder to shoulder
With who you were and in my way
How we’re quite the same

My life I’ve lived but now what I would give
For just one more day just to say
But now I’ve yesterdays

We didn’t go to the place that you
Said we would, come what may

We didn’t finish the talk that you
Said we would have one day

Now that I’m near it
It’s coming more clear to me
Who you were and what it takes
And though my heart still breaks

Now as I analyze I’m realizing that
Through your reign you made the way
And I will do the same for the new day