Song Lyrics

Ultima Thule

Listen, a tale of the sea
Of journeys of men
On flights of the wind
Foretellings of treasure
With visions of gold at the sun
All oaths rescind

His bride such a noble young soul
A child in her arms
Lost in the wake
The shores like her hopes as she watches
The temptress of waves
Her jealous heart breaks

Will the whore of the ocean
Swallow her love in the deep
Deus Misereatur, rise him from sleep

Faded, the days of their love
The promise of life, a mariner's wife
When skillful affairs filled their need
The child they wrought made him believe

But perilous dreams, like the Sirene
Stole him away
With not but for mother and child
To kneel down and pray

The salt in his eyes and his heart
To heaven displayed
Arise from the depths
The Sea Maid put forth her claim

See this man of the sea, ever drifting
Not a pence for his kin, is he lifting
See the wars that he makes, never ending
See his lust for the take
You gave charge of the sea
Let our enemies justly receive!

Enough now you voice of the deep
All men's designs are laid before Me
How long now forgotten your purpose
That all of man's tears make up your sea

I'll cast him on the Isle of The Broken Tree
Where men see their souls
But to spare his life
I give to you charge in this role

Let the maelstrom arise now to seize them
Let children of Charybdis turn them
Let the Tempest of Boreas drive them
Past the Ultima Thule is the edge of the sea
That will easily fulfill the need

Listen, this voyager's tale
As days of intrigue flow and recede
The Sea Maid is calmed by as many
As ever who dared suffer retreat
Are these tales of caution and mercy
to be believed
How can one know but that it was me!