Song Lyrics

The Voice of the New Day

I am the Voice of the Brand New Day
I come to light to cast things in new ways
I am the voice as the day awakes
Bright morning’s song drawing color from the gray

I cry from the Deeps Within
I speak of the Great That Will Be
Of a future without end
Interminable infinity

Hear the Voice of the Brand New Day
I bring insight to oppose the past’s old sway
And I too am a Voice of Life
Sent to you so open up your eyes

It is mine at the dawn’s entreating
To bring this tale to its all-completing end
Though the present darkness threatens
I will show you a light that transcends

There’s a story in the river’s way
All the paths to stray
Joining, branch away
Confounding the wandering may be
In the end, round the bend is the sea

There’s a story in the sun’s bright rays
Painting all the day
Shadows stain the way
But slowly when truly above
Neither dark, not a spot
Not a stain, not a blot

There’s a story in the evensong
(Come sing the evensong)
To each a tune belongs
(Come and sing along)
One can sing along
(It’s a vast symphony)
But taken in vast symphony
An improbable spree
(Such a cacophony)
Such a cacophony

Heed the Voice of the Brand New Day...