Song Lyrics

The Law of Ages

Languishing I cease to ride
Here where the road before divides
Staring in the eyes of fate
I’m overwhelmed
I’ve come too late

Dare I serve anger divine
And take there what by birth is mine
Wisdom bid abide with me
And re-suppose your destiny

What shall I do
When the future is out of my hands
Grains of sand
What can be done
When there are no more ends to be run
To become

Wisdom with such fervent grace
Brings sacred laws to my escape
Prophecy and Truth resound
Of ancient ways and magic Crown

“Let it be known that a man who by
Chance takes the throne is unatoned
Let it be seen
That forever he’ll be unredeemed
It is decreed”

Wisdom through the tragedy
Brings hope through Opportunity

Oh my blood, Seemsto-Be
Why betray what you’ve known
Now the way of the Uncrowned King
Is shown