Song Lyrics

Silver Light

Come to you this story
Or from you does it come
How born to this blood
Was I to a curse
Upon me, how?
Whence comes the night
Hence comes the call
The teeth and claw
The hunger raw
Cries, It's over me now

Come to you this story
Or from you does it come
Told as time is long
The tale of the Other-Me
How born to this blood
Was I to a curse, upon me

Unbeknownst to neighbor
Unbespeaked to kin
Whence comes the night
The call of the moon arise
This I find at work
Within me a war
That bids me bare...

Nevermind the teeth
Nevermind the claw
Nevermind the feet
The howling were-self
Cries, I'm over you now

Bright I find these
Morning mercies
Deeply I must drink
The cycle conspires
But hope still arise in me
Will I evermore
Be rid of this deep
And weary weight

(Whence comes the night)
Ever comes the night
(Hence comes the call)
Evermore the call
(The teeth and claw)
Ever hard I try
(The hunger raw)
Yet the wielding were-self
Cries, I'm over you now
Cries that, I'm over you now

I ran myself into the wood
To save the world from me
When night befell the moon did rise
I tied me to a tree
If they had only known of all the things
That I understood to be

But nothing man has said
Nor wrought
Can stave the change occurred
I'm telling this to warn the souls
Who think me so absurd
What waking eyes can understand
When stumbling on that
Hidden church

Oh, is someone there to hear my call
Oh, the reasons stained are in the wall
Oh, I can smell the doubt and fear
Oh, will anyone dare draw me near

Oh, enough despair to beat the air
Oh, approaching now is one
Should I run, should I run
Far away from here

Deep I drink these morning mercies...

Then comes to me
Truth to make one weep
For I see that I
Am not what I am to be
And but for Light
Could I not defy
And live to tell

Here the beast at loss
Where the trigger holds
In shadow of the Cross
Then Silver Light
I cry, It's over now
Cry that, It's over now
Nothing can take me over now!