Song Lyrics

Real or Imagined

Rhyme - for each time - seasons changed; butterfly
(A) Tone - all alone - wavering; mountain high

Home - for each face - arm's length; shadow play
(It's a) Kind - of pantomime - shoulders near; effigy

Ooh, ooh, ooh

You - drift along - like a song - ever there;  atmosphere
Muse - champion - confidant - real or not; a brother dear

I wish I could say that I'd been a better friend
To those who were real I offer sincere amends
But then who could ever rival with friends that fly

Welcome to my world
Enter in
And step into the sun
See the mountains swell
With deeper wells
I walk but never ever run

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh

Waking from the dream
From all that seemed
Alighting from the blind

Seasons rushing by
The child dies
Confront this friend of mine

Now my mind anew
I'm pushing through
A resurrected soul

So I stepped outside
All fear aside
And what did I behold

She stepped out of the sun
My worlds made one
In unison

She threw day in my night
So vain was my fight
All of my toppled ways aright
Fade to white

We, arraigned from on high
As Spirit conspired
Music and rhyme come to gather near
And it's clear
Can you hear

Real or Imagined
Real or Imagined (x2)
Real or Imagined (x2)
You were comfort to me
a reason to be
now the real has a hold on me