Song Lyrics

Missive Pursuits

I awake blinded by my tears
Staring through the years
There’s nothing left for me here

At once, now it dawns on me
How it might come to be
Some possibility

Then why, why should I hesitate
Chance was just my fate
Born a moment too late

I ride, now time bids me flee
In haste I move through the city
Assured of my destiny
Appearance is faster than Reality

Oh my father, you won’t venture
Past the Law of Primogeniture
But if Law has some deception
What if Real is just perception

At day you proclaim our name
Though we are brothers same
There’s no one else I can blame

At night, echoes of decree
I dream as they meet with me
And who do they come to see
It’s just what Seemsto-Be

Oh my mother, would you’ve suffered
If you knew the other brother
I’m not one to face the future
As I defer to another

In the night I can taste it
Is it mine to take the fall
After all, there’s no one to say

Deep inside me I can feel it
In the wind I feel bold
Now it’s light
I can see my way

It’s my right
I should take it
Now it’s time
It’s my call
Now at last I will make it
After all I will be the first
To claim the day

At last I see the Brazen Gate
Chance was just my fate
No reason left to wait

And now
(It’s my right I should take it)
They will flock to me
(It’s my time, it’s my call)
Who will they come to see
(Now at last I will make it)
It’s just what Seemsto-Be
(After all will...)
Appearance take me

Circumstance at first glance
Is my fate
Circumstance is my
Chance is my gate