Song Lyrics


Chief High Priest of the Temple:
Come you princes of Allthetime
Lift your voice with us
Song and rhyme
To the ultimal
And cause of it all

Through the sky
What we saw from our tower high
The ruby flame
May we know The Name

Is It a beast that rules with fear
A celestial creature that
ordains the years
Some form of nature to guide my way
Am I an actor in a cosmic play
I need association

Cause I tried to typify It
There is no norm
I tried to classify
It won’t conform
I tried to calculate it
I came to pi

If this is the One and Only
Then who am I

Is It a champion of mythic fame
Or just a force that really has no name
Is It some forerunner to show the way
Some kind of avatar that saved the day
I need some understanding

Cause I tried investigation
I stand bemused
I tried to feel my way
I was unmoved
I tried to magnify It
But I can see
If this is the Cause and Ending then
Then what of me

Chief High Priest of the Temple:
Heed me son of Allthetime
At the end of your bounded mind
The ruby flame
Has no need of name

Rest yourself on your reason’s edge
Transcendental and fathomless
The answer here
Is one you won’t bear

But is there some Principles I’m to embrace
Some mode of accomplishment or sacrifice
Some kind of cause that I undertake
To travel to another nation
Or is It nothing and there’s just no…
God, I need a revelation

Cause I tried to visualize It
It fades to white
I tried to reason through
It confounds my mind
I tried to comprehend It

Is It something so beyond me
Cause Itmightbe