Song Lyrics

Flying Machine

I. Dreamcarriers
All you dreamcarriers
The world is waiting for you
You carry hope within
Don't keep it in

All you dream farriers
You where put here for this
Don't let your stumbling round
Keep you down

Not unlike flying machines
Where the scoffers abound
Until you risk it all
And leave the ground

Behold the madman, tarriers
See the weight upon him
Crushed by yesterdays, gone away

Youthful illusions, lost time
Or the courage to try
Turn them too much away
And they die

All you wonder-bearers
What made your eyes once bright
Wisdom in your years
Now forget the tears

Sober and conscious,
Yet foolish and reckless we stand
Now arise for the time is at hand

II. Dream Sequence (Instrumental)

III. Lift
Are you sure you won't fall down

My heart is stirred the years have come to pass
In shadows played the mystery
It's just that last night it came right back
a forgotten history

Just a dreamer in a weighted world
Another slave to gravity
This postulation for weightlessness
Isn't easy to receive
Nor the purchase of this dream

Are you sure you won't fall down
In the vision it shall be
Can you see what I can see?
But are you sure you won't fall down
You can say it can't be done
In my vision it will run
But are you sure you won't fall down

I can see it all behind me
I can see it all below me
And I'm wanting You to show me it all

Now I stand here amidst you all
Resolved to go on with the plan
I've heard your caution and kindly say
I don't expect you'll understand

Arise the sleeper it's not to late
Like the prophet in the field
Like all of those with a risk to take
There's a call we must fulfill

Are you sure it won't break down
I have faith in the Wind
I must take it to the end
But are you sure it won't break down
Now it's time for me to try
Or I'll always wonder why
Fool you're going to fall back down

I can see it all behind me
I can see it all below me
Now there's nothing left to hold me at all

Now there's nothing left to show me
And there's nothing left to mold me
I can see into the holy, et al.

Born with fetters, fear and failures
Make one question why
Break the tethers, never cease
Or ever there you'll lie
Nothing past to hold you fast
Now burst into the sky

Quarks and photons, atoms, acids,
Proteins, genes and bone
Organs, flesh and mind and soul
But this is not my home
Sky and spirit, space and time,
I enter transcendence,
With God who sends me on with grace
Into the vast expanse