Song Lyrics

Fading Away

It keeps me up at night
It seems to like the way
I’m thinking
These colors keep me warm

I put it on repeat
Just try to keep the
Gala coming
I never skip a beat
I’ll keep the masses fed
And humming
The council quite agrees

Isn’t it quite a feat
No matter if around
There’s mumbling
I’m safely in my seat
Though I can see
Thinks-He-Is pointing

Could it be that I’m
Missing something
Is that my brother dear

I can still remember when
Up in our tower high
How we looked so far ahead
How we rose to touch the sky

I can still recall the day
With the King’s concede to send
Such a timeless team we made
We’ll be rulers till the end
(The end)

Now the time has come around
You can take the higher ground
Can we show them Everyone
That we’re keepers of the Crown

Why brother have you come
I see the deed is done
Maybe you should go

I see you at the door
I hear your words and more
There’s something you should know

The Law of Ages holds
That once by Chance enthroned
You cannot be atoned

I don’t care what you think
I got to keep the business going
With just another drink
The music loud and people moving
I may be on the brink
My situation not improving
This night is very long
(Not so very long)

Brother my brother
By blood of our mother
He wasted it all
For a chance to enthrall
Such a kingdom he
Failed to pursuade

Once he was blessed
But now looking far less
Like the man that he was
Only because it was
Truth that he chose to betray

In the late hour
He jumped from the tower
Like the Crown he has
Faded away

(It’s such a sound
He’s lost his crown)

You know he lost the Crown
He should have put it down