Song Lyrics


Vast and great was this place
that was like to no other
In the land of Alllthetime is Daybyday

A great wall kept it safe
From the notions of others
For of that there was felt no need
All ideas here lived happily
For the Crown kept all the kingdom in peace

In these days the Queen past
giving birth to twin brothers
The two Princes Really-Is and Seemsto-Be

None could tell them apart
Though the former was older

Ancient lineage Crown and King
Old and Wise
Allowed gods as ever days
will bring

Throngs en masse
Temples vast
Offerings and praise

First they’re here
Now they’re there
Oft passions change

Many holy places new
And in remains

In the central Bizarre of Shrines
Deities on every line
Of firmament and the heavenlies
Creatures animal and mankind

And like titans in marble malls
Stood the awesome Citadels

Where the high and lofty
Creeds enshrined, propagate the
Righteous laws through time

From the bones of the earth
Rose the Great Wall into the sky
But there was passage
Through two gates to lands beyond

Though the people were free
They had no need to venture
To the east the gate Chance you see
West the gate Opportunity
But within, so much diversity

Beyond the cluster of cupolas
Where the land begins to flow
By seven Rivers Tranquility
And white Mountains of Harmony

Were sanctuaries for Onewithall
The bells shimmering through the halls
And the forests laughed with gaiety
With those who worshiped earth and tree

And in the valley below you’ll find
The gods of Observation and The Mind
The Synagogues of Philosophy
Sanctums are plenty

And finally at the southern wall
Twin Basilicas stood narrow and tall

Served by those who
Believed in Everything
And those who
Believed in Nothingatall

In the vestibule prepares the
Royal Procession
It’s the Ritual of Reverence
To the Crown
Shining jewel upon jewel
With each Ancient succession

And the multitudes with
Song and rhyme
From the citadels to valleys fine
They lift the majesty of Allthetime